ExpertXLS Excel Library for .NET


ExpertXls Excel Spreadsheet Library

The ExpertXLS Excel Library for .NET can be linked into any type of .NET project, either ASP.NET web sites or Windows Forms and WPF applications, to enable your application to create new Excel documents from scratch or to edit existing Excel documents. The ExpertXLS Excel Library for .Net offers support both for the old Excel 97-2003 format (.xls) and for the new Excel 2007 or above (.xlsx) format.


The library is a .NET managed assembly and DOES NOT DEPEND on Microsoft Office Excel. The library can also be used from ASP.NET applications running in more restrictive environments like servers where the trust level for the ASP.NET application was restricted to Medium Trust by the server administrator.

The integration is extremely easy and no additional installation is necessary in order to get started. The library is delivered as a strong named assembly that can be directly referenced by your project. The downloaded archive contains C# and VB.NET samples for ASP.NET and Windows Forms and the complete API documentation.


- Easy integration, no installation or setup is necessary
- Deployed as single strong named .NET assembly
- Can be used from any .NET Framework application (ASP.NET, MVC, Windows Forms, WPF)
- Support for .NET Core 2.0 and above (through .NET Standard 2.0)
- Does not depend on Microsoft Office Excel
- Can run in Medium Trust environments (like shared hosting)
- Can run on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows servers
- Create new Excel documents or edit existing Excel documents
- Support for Excel 97-2003 (.xls) and Excel 2007 or above (.xlsx) formats
- Load a workbook from a stream or from a file
- Save a workbook to a stream or to a file
- Load data from CSV files and save data to CSV format
- Load data from a .NET DataTable or save data to a DataTable object
- Add chart shapes or chart worksheets to a workbook
- Add formulas and array formulas to a worksheet
- Add global styles to a workbook
- Advanced support for Excel 2007 and above gradients and textures
- Add named ranges at worksheet or workbook level
- Add images to a worksheet
- Add hyperlinks and comments to a worksheet
- Support for data validation
- Support for workbook windows and structure protection
- Support for worksheet data protection
- Read and write password protection for .xls workbooks
- Support for worksheet page setup - headers, footers, size, margins, orientation
- Support for workbook properties - author, subject, comments


- Company License (includes 1 year maintenance) - $750 - Buy now
- Developer License with Maintenance (includes 1 year maintenance) - $550 - Buy now
- Developer License (without maintenance) - $350 - Buy now

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