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ExpertPdf is a .NET library that lets you create PDF documents from web pages or raw HTML markup in your .NET Framework or .NET Core applications.

ExpertPdf is in business since 2007 and it's being used by thousands of companies world wide. Here you can view a list of our best known customers. Check out the following page if you are interested in a version history of our html to pdf converter.


Support for .NET Framework, .NET Core, .NET 5, .NET 6, .NET 7 and .NET 8.


Convert from url (web page) to pdf

With ExpertPdf Html To Pdf Converter you can convert full web pages to pdf. The web page can be an url or a local html file.

Convert from html string (markup) to pdf

ExpertPdf Converter can convert a raw html text. You can specify a base url if the html code references external css files or images.

Multiple output options

The generated PDF can be output to a file, stream, byte array or pdf document object that can be further prelucrated by our sdk.

Set page size and margins

With ExpertPdf you have full control of pdf page size, orientation, margins and many more elements.

Set headers and footers

You can have headers and footers displayed in all pdf pages. Full html support is included for these sections also.

Preserve html links in pdf

ExpertPdf Html To Pdf Converter can preserve the links from your web page into pdf. Alternatively you can disable the links if you do not want them to appear in PDF.

Automatic and custom page breaks

ExpertPdf automatically inserts page breaks when needed, paying attention not to break lines of text or images. Custom page breaks can be added using simple page-break-before and page-break-after css styles.

Convert only a part of the web page to pdf

If you do not want to convert the whole web page to pdf, you have the option to convert only a section of it, specified by the html element id.

Hide some elements from the page when converted to pdf

If you need to convert most of your web page to pdf, this feature allows you to hide certain elements, like a print button or menu.

Merge several web pages into the same pdf document

With ExpertPdf Pdf Library for .NET you can add several html pages to the same pdf. You can also merge existing pdf documents with the one that is being generated.

Convert to pdf web pages that require authentication

ExpertPdf supports Windows Authentication (automatically login for the current Windows user), HTTP Authentication (set user and password) and Forms Authentication (pass the application cookies to the converter).

Start the conversion automatically (immediately or delayed) or manually with a javascript call

The html to pdf conversion can be started with a delay or automatically when the page finishes to load. You also have the possibility to start the conversion from Javascript with a method call, when you consider that the page is ready to be converted.

Select css media type for rendering (screen or print)

Many websites have printer friendly style sheets. ExpertPdf can convert to pdf the webpage displayed using @media print instead of the default @media screen.

Pdf bookmarks support

ExpertPdf offers full control of pdf bookmarks (outlines). You can also set the converter to automatically generate bookmarks (outlines) based on certain tags or css classes from the converted webpage.

Digital signatures support

ExpertPdf Converter supports digital signatures. Other pdf security options, like setting a password or controlling document permissions, are also available.

Possibility to retrieve html elements positions in pdf

ExpertPdf can give full details about certain html elements positions in pdf. For example, you can know where a certain image from your webpage was added to the pdf document.

Support for html5/css3

Starting with v9, ExpertPdf Html to Pdf Converter has full support for html5, css3, modern javascript, svg and many more.

Support for web fonts (open type, true type or woff)

Our pdf converter has full support for locally installed TTF or OTF fonts and can also handle web fonts (TTF or WOFF format).

No external dependencies (internal browser for html rendering)

Starting with v9, besides the IE html rendering engine used by the older versions, a new rendering engine was added. The new rendering engine is internal, with no 3rd party dependencies. It is based on WebKit and can render html5/css3.

Very easy to use

ExpertPdf Pdf Converter is very easy to use. You can convert a web page to pdf with a single line of code.

Latest News

May 27th, 2024

ExpertPdf HtmlToPdf Converter v19.0.0 was released.

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Mar 30th, 2023

ExpertPdf Pdf To Image Converter v8.0.0 was released.

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ExpertPDF Html To Pdf Converter

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"HTML to PDF is a quality component that is clearly valuable to any Web developer in need of an easy and flexible way to generate PDF files."

Steve C. Orr - MCSD, Microsoft MVP in ASP.NET

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With ExpertPdf you can convert html to pdf in .NET.

Professional aspx to pdf converter, ExpertPdf works with Microsoft Azure if used in a virtual machine or a cloud service.

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