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ExpertXls Excel Spreadsheets Library for .NET

The ExpertXls Excel Library for .NET consists in a single .NET strong named assembly expertxls.dll that can be referenced directly in any .NET Framework and .NET Core application (ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Console, Web Services, Windows Services, etc) to create Excel 97-2003 .xls and Excel 2007-2019 or above .xlsx documents from the scratch or to edit existing Excel documents. Using the ExpertXls Excel Library for .NET you can easily create Excel spreadsheets with complex cell and shape styles, 2D and 3D charts, import data from CSV and DataTable objects, add formulas and array formulas, protect workbook and worksheets.

The product does not require any installation and it does not use any third party tools. It's just an assembly that you can directly link with your .NET application. The library is also designed to work with ASP.NET applications running in environments with restricted permissions like an ASP.NET application running with Medium trust level.

Code Sample

The programming interface is object oriented, has a clear design, is extremely easy to understand and use.

// create a new workbook
ExcelWorkbook workbook = new ExcelWorkbook(ExcelWorkbookFormat.Xlsx_2007);

// add worksheet
ExcelWorksheet worksheet = workbook.Worksheets.AddWorksheet("Test Sheet");

// set a text value
worksheet["A1"].Value = "This is the best spreadsheet library for .NET!";

// save the workbook
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