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ExpertXls.ExcelLib Namespace
The root namespace of the EpertXls Excel Library for .NET
Public classExcelCellAlignment
Represents the alignment style options of the text in a cell.
Public classExcelCellBorder
Represents one of the borders of a range or style
Public classExcelCellBordersCollection
Represents a collection of four borders of a Range or a Style. A border index can be used to identify the Border object
Public classExcelCellFill
Represents the interior style of a cell or range of cells.
Public classExcelCellFillGradient
Represents a gradient fill options for a cell or range.
Public classExcelCellFillPattern
Represents the pattern fill of a cell interior
Public classExcelCellFillSolid
Represents the solid fill for a cell interior.
Public classExcelCellNumber
Represents the number format options for a cell or a range of cells.
Public classExcelCellProtection
Represents the protection options for a cell or a range of cells.
Public classExcelCellStyle
Represents the style of a cell or a range of cells.
Public classExcelCellStylesCollection
Represents a collection of cell styles. The ExcelWorkbook offers such a collection containing all the styles created in the workbook.
Public classExcelChart
Represents a chart shape in a worksheet.
Public classExcelChartArea
Represents an area in an Excel chart.
Public classExcelChartCategoryAxis
Represents the category axis (horizontal axis) of a chart
Public classExcelChartDataPoint
Represents a data point in the chart.
Public classExcelChartDataPointLabel
Represents the label of a chart data point
Public classExcelChartDataPointsCollection
Represents a collection of data points in a chart series
Public classExcelChartDataTable
Represents the formatting options for the chart data table.
Public classExcelChartFormattedText
Represents a formatted text area in a chart.
Public classExcelChartInterior
Represents the interior of a chart element
Public classExcelChartLegend
Represents the legend of a chart.
Public classExcelChartLegendEntriesCollection
Represents the collection of legend entries for a picture.
Public classExcelChartLegendEntry
Represents and entry in the chart legend.
Public classExcelChartLine
Represents the border of a chart element
Public classExcelChartRotation3D
Represents the rotation properties for a 3D chart.
Public classExcelChartsCollection
Represents the collection of charts in a worksheet
Public classExcelChartSeries
Represents a data series in a Excel chart
Public classExcelChartSeriesAxis
Represents the series axis (depth axis) of a chart
Public classExcelChartSeriesCollection
Represents a collection of chart series.
Public classExcelChartValueAxis
Represents the value axis (vertical axis) of a chart
Public classExcelChartWorksheet
Represents a chart worksheet.
Public classExcelChartWorksheetPageSetup
Represents the chart worksheet page setup
Public classExcelChartWorksheetsCollection
Represents a colection of chart worksheets in a workbook.
Public classExcelColorsPalette
Represents the Excel colors palette.
Public classExcelComment
Represents a comment in a mec.
Public classExcelCommentsCollection
Represents a collection of comments in a worksheet
Public classExcelDataValidator
Represents a data type validator for a range of cells.
Public classExcelDocumentProperties
The document properties like title, subject, keywords, author, etc.
Public classExcelDocumentSecurity
Manage the document security like workbook structure and windows protection, open/write password protection.
Public classExcelFont
Represents a font in the Excel workbook
Public classExcelHyperlink
Represents a hyperlink in the worksheet hyperlinks collection.
Public classExcelHyperlinksCollection
Represents a collection of hyperlinks
Public classExcelLibException
Exception thrown by the Excel library
Public classExcelNamedRange
Represents a named range in a worksheet. Named ranges can be added to the worksheet or workbook named ranges collection.
Public classExcelNamedRangesCollection
Represents a collection of named ranges. The ExcelWorksheet and ExcelWorkbook define such collections.
Public classExcelPageBreak
Represents a horizontal or vertical page break in worksheet
Public classExcelPageBreaksCollection
Represents a collection of page breaks.
Public classExcelPageSetup
Represents the Excel page setup.
Public classExcelPicture
Represents a picture in a worksheet.
Public classExcelPicturesCollection
Represents a collection of picture in a worksheet.
Public classExcelRange
Represents a range of cells in a worksheet
Public classExcelRangesCollection
Represents a collection of ranges in a worksheet.
Public classExcelShapeFill
Represents the interior of a shape
Public classExcelShapeFillGradient
Represents a gradient fill options for a shape.
Public classExcelShapeFillPattern
Represents the pattern fill of a shape interior.
Public classExcelShapeFillPicture
Represents a picture fill of a shape interior.
Public classExcelShapeFillSolid
Represents the solid fill for a shape interior.
Public classExcelShapeFillTexture
Represents the texture fill of a shape interior.
Public classExcelUnitsConverter
Utility class to convert between various Excel measurement units (points, pixels, width characters)
Public classExcelWorkbook
The Excel Workbook
Public classExcelWorkbookDefaultSettings
A class encapsulating the default options (font, row height, column width) for a newly created workbook.
Public classExcelWorksheet
Excel Worksheet
Public classExcelWorksheetPageSetup
Represents the Excel page setup for a worksheet.
Public classExcelWorksheetsCollection
Represents the collection of Excel worksheets in a workbook
Public classExcelWorksheetSecurity
Manages the security options for a worksheet.
Public enumerationExcelCellBorderIndex
Specifies the index of the border to be retrieved from a borders collection.
Public enumerationExcelCellFillPatternType
The interior pattern of a cell
Public enumerationExcelCellFillType
Represents the type of interior for cell or range of cells.
Public enumerationExcelCellHorizontalAlignmentType
The horizontal alignment of data in a cell
Public enumerationExcelCellLineStyle
Enumeration of the border line styles for cells in Excel.
Public enumerationExcelCellTextDirectionType
Specifies the reading order for the cell
Public enumerationExcelCellUnderlineType
Represents the underline style of the text in a cell
Public enumerationExcelCellVerticalAlignmentType
The vertical alignment of data in a cell
Public enumerationExcelChartAxisLabelPosition
Represents the axis labels position from the chart axis
Public enumerationExcelChartCategoryAxisType
Represents the type of the category axis of a chart
Public enumerationExcelChartLegendPosition
Represents the chart legend position in chart area.
Public enumerationExcelChartLineType
Represents the type of line for a chart element border.
Public enumerationExcelChartLineWeightType
Represents the weight of a chart border line
Public enumerationExcelChartTickMarkType
Represents the chart axis tick marks type
Public enumerationExcelChartTimeUnit
Represents the time unit for category axis
Public enumerationExcelChartType
Enumeration of the Chart types in Excel.
Public enumerationExcelChartValueDisplayUnits
The display units for the value axis.
Public enumerationExcelDataValidatorDataType
Represents the data types allowed by a data validator.
Public enumerationExcelDataValidatorErrorStyle
Represents the style of the error alert for data validator.
Public enumerationExcelDataValidatorOperator
Represents a comparison operator used by a data validator.
Public enumerationExcelDeleteShiftDirection
Describes how the cells are shifted to replace deleted cells.
Public enumerationExcelGradientColors
Represents the colors mode of a gradient
Public enumerationExcelGradientDirection
Represents the possible directions of the gradient
Public enumerationExcelGradientVariants
Represents the variants for a gradient direction.
Public enumerationExcelGroupBy
Describes how to group the range.
Public enumerationExcelHyperlinkType
Represents the type of URL in a worksheet.
Public enumerationExcelNamedRangeScopeType
Represents the scope of a named range.
Public enumerationExcelPageBreakType
Represents the type of pae break (horizontal or vertical).
Public enumerationExcelPageOrientation
Represents the page orientation of a worksheet.
Public enumerationExcelPagePaperSize
Represents the paper size for an Excel document.
Public enumerationExcelPagePrintCommLocation
Represents the location where the comments in a worksheet will be printed.
Public enumerationExcelPagePrintErrorsMode
Represents the mode of printing errors.
Public enumerationExcelPagePrintOrder
Specifies the order in which cells are processed.
Public enumerationExcelProtectionAllowFlags
The allowed operations for a protected worksheet.
Public enumerationExcelShapeFillPatternType
Represents the possible patterns of shape interior.
Public enumerationExcelShapeFillPresetGradientType
Represents the available preset gradients
Public enumerationExcelShapeFillTextureType
Represents the possible textures of the shape interior.
Public enumerationExcelShapeFillType
Represents the type of interior of a shape.
Public enumerationExcelWorkbookFormat
The Excel workbook format