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ExpertPdf Html To Pdf Converter v9.2 released

May 8, 2014

ExpertPdf Html To Pdf Converter is an easy to use library for .NET, capable of converting html from files, streams, urls, strings to high quality PDF documents. ExpertPdf has been optimized to be used on servers where speed and memory usage are critical.

Having thousands of customers all over the world, ExpertPdf does its best trying to stay up-to-date, fast and reliable. Because of that, we are constantly adding new features to our products and fixing any problem our customers might have. ExpertPdf Converter v9.2 was released yesterday.

New features in v9.2

1. The possibility to start the conversion by calling a javascript method. To do that you need to:
- set in .NET: pdfconverter.StartupMode = StartupMode.Manual
- call in javascript ExpertPdfJSObj.startConversion(); when the page is ready for conversion

2. Javascript injection. You can set pdfconverter.StartupScript with some javascript code that will run at startup (before any other script on the page). It could be useful to perform some tasks on the page from javascript before the conversion. For example, the following code hides a section from the page before conversion:

pdfConverter.StartupScript = @" window.onload = function() { var someSection = document.getElementById('divSomeSectionId'); = 'none'; } ";

3. The possibility to use @media print CSS styles for conversion instead of the default @media screen. To do that, you need to set pdfConverter.UsePrintCSSMediaType = true.

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