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ExpertPdf.HtmlToPdf.PdfDocument Namespace

ExpertPdf.HtmlToPdf.PdfDocument offers access to the PDF document created by the HTML to PDF Converter for advanced customizations. The PDF document created by the converter can be obtained from the PostConvertActionEvent event handler arguments. This event is raised by the PdfConverter object write before saving the PDF document. The main class of the namespace is the Document class which can be used to obtain the collection of PDF pages. New PDF pages can be added to the document and new elements can be added to the PDF pages.
Public classAddElementResult
The result of adding a PDF element to the renderer
Public classAddTextElementResult
The result of adding a text element to the renderer
Public classBezierCurveElement
Represents a Bezier curve
Public classBookmark
Represents a bookmark in the PDF document
Public classBookmarksCollection
Represents a collection of bookmarks of a document.
Public classCircleElement
Represents an ellipse shape
Public classDigitalCertificate
This class represents a certificate used for digital signatures
Public classDigitalCertificatesCollection
This class is used to manage a collection of certificates.
Public classDigitalCertificatesStore
Provides and interface for getting digital certificates from system certificates store or from a password protected PKCS#12 file. A PKCS#12 file stores both the private and the public keys and such a file can be for example a file with extension .pfx generated by IIS from the SSL certificate installed for a website.
Public classDigitalSignatureElement
Represents a digital signature in the PDF document. An instance of this class can be created by a call to Document.Security.CreateSignature()
Public classDocument
Represents a PDF document
Public classDocumentInformation
This class encapsulates the options to control the PDF document description (author, title, keywords, etc). The PDFConverter class define a reference to an object of this type
Public classDocumentOpenAction
Encapsulates a Go To or JavaScript action to be performed when the document is opened.
Public classElementsRenderer
Base class for classes capable of rendering page elements
Public classEllipseArcElement
Represents an ellipse arc element
Public classEllipseElement
Represents an ellipse shape
Public classEllipseSliceElement
Represents a slice from an ellipse
Public classExplicitDestination
Represents a destination in the PDF document for links, bookmarks and other interactive PDF features.
Public classFileAttachmentElement
Represents a file attachment in the PDF document.
Public classFileLinkElement
Represents a link to an external file
Public classFontCollection
Represents a collection of fonts in a PDF document.
Public classGradientColor
Used to fill a shape
Public classHtmlToImageElement
This class encapsulates a HTML to Image converter. The HTML to Image conversion is performed when the element is added to a PDF page. The resulted image is embedded in the PDF document.
Public classHtmlToPdfElement
This class encapsulates a HTML to PDF converter. The HTML to PDF conversion is performed when the element is added to a PDF page.
Public classImageElement
Represents a PDF image element
Public classInternalLinkElement
Represents a text link in the PDF document
Public classLineElement
This class represents a line
Public classLineStyle
The line style for a graphic element which draws lines
Public classLinkUrlElement
Represents a link to an URL in PDF document.
Public classMargins
Represents a PDF page mergins
Public classPageCollection
Represents a collection of pages of a document.
Public classPageElement
The base class for all page elements
Public classPageGraphicElement
The base class for all graphic elements
Public classPageSize
The PDF page size.
Public classPdfAction
Base class for the PDF actions (Go To, JavaScript, etc)
Public classPdfActionGoTo
Represents a Go To action in the PDF document.
Public classPdfActionJavaScript
Represents a JavaScript action in the PDF document.
Public classPdfColor
Represents a PDF color
Public classPdfDocumentException
Exception thrown by the Pdf Creator library
Public classPdfFont
Represents a font in the PDF document.
Public classPdfPage
Represents a PDF document page
Public classPolygonElement
Represents a polygon
Public classRectangleElement
This class represents a rectangle
Public classRtfConvertException
An exception thrown when adding a RtfToPdfElement.
Public classSoundLinkElement
Represents a link to a sound file in PDF
Public classTemplate
Represents a document template repeated on each document page
Public classTemplateCollection
The PDF document templates. A document template is repeated on each page of the document.
Public classTextElement
Represents a text element to be added to a PDF page or template.
Public classTextNoteElement
Represents a text annotation in the PDF page.
Public classViewerPreferences
Represents the viewer preferences of the PDF document
Public enumerationBlending
The blending function for transparent rendering mode.
Public enumerationCertSystemStore
The types of system certificates stores.
Public enumerationColorSpace
Available color spaces
Public enumerationDestinationViewMode
The view mode when an explicit destination is displayed in the viewer.
Public enumerationGradientDirection
The direction of the gradient color.
Public enumerationLineCapStyle
The line cap style
Public enumerationLineDashStyle
Specifies the style of a dashed line.
Public enumerationLineJoinStyle
Line join style
Public enumerationPdfBookmarkStyle
The bookmark text style.
Public enumerationRotationAngle
Standard rotation angles for PDF pages.
Public enumerationStandardCJKFont
The Korean-Japanesse-Chinese (CJK) predefined fonts.
Public enumerationStdFontBaseFamily
Standard PDF font families.
Public enumerationTemplateAnchoring
The anchoring position of the PDF template.
Public enumerationTemplateDocking
The docking style of the PDF template.
Public enumerationTextNoteIcon
Defines set of text annotation types.