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PdfConverter Constructor (Int32)

Creates a HTML to PDF converter which will automatically calculate the height of the HTML document based on the specified width. The width in pixels of the HTML document is specified by the htmlDocWidthPx parameter. If this parameter is set to 0 or a negative value, the width of the HTML document will be automatically calculated. Because all the dimensions in the PDF document are measured in points (1 point is 1/72 inch), it might be necessary pixels to transform pixels to points and points to pixels using the UnitsConverter class in order to better control the HTML to PDF conversion.

Namespace:  ExpertPdf.HtmlToPdf
Assembly:  ephtmltopdf (in ephtmltopdf.dll) Version: 17.0.0
public PdfConverter(
	int htmlDocWidthPx


Type: SystemInt32
The HTML document width in pixels.
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