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PdfConverterSavePdfFromHtmlStreamWithTempFileToStream Method (Stream, Encoding, Stream)

Converts the HTML string read from the specified HTML stream to PDF and saves the rendered PDF document to the specified stream. The HTML string is first saved into a temporary HTML file. The temporary HTML file is then converted PDF. This method does not use any URL base and therefore the images or CSS files referenced by relative URLs in the HTML string cannot be resolved by the converter to a full URL. Also, because this method does not specify the full URL of the document referenced by the links with anchors, all the links with anchors are considered to be internal links. To make sure the the external resources referenced by relative URLs and the internal links with anchors are correctly resolved by the converter, the GetPdfBytesFromHtmlStreamWithTempFile method with the urlBase and internalLinksDocUrl additional parameters can be used.

Namespace:  ExpertPdf.HtmlToPdf
Assembly:  ephtmltopdf (in ephtmltopdf.dll) Version: 17.0.0
public void SavePdfFromHtmlStreamWithTempFileToStream(
	Stream htmlStream,
	Encoding streamEncoding,
	Stream outPdfStream


Type: System.IOStream
The HTML stream containing the HTML string to be converted to PDF.
Type: System.TextEncoding
The encoding of the string read from the HTML stream.
Type: System.IOStream
The output stream where to save the generated PDF document.
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