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PdfConverterGetPdfFromUrlBytes Method

Converts the specified URL into a PDF document and returns the rendered PDF document as an array of bytes. This method can be used to perform HTML to PDF conversion in internal memory. This method is obsolete and it was preserved for backward compatibility. It offers the same functionality as the GetPdfBytesFromUrl method which is the preferred method now.

Namespace:  ExpertPdf.HtmlToPdf
Assembly:  ephtmltopdf (in ephtmltopdf.dll) Version: 17.0.0
public byte[] GetPdfFromUrlBytes(
	string url


Type: SystemString
The URL of the web page to be converted to PDF. The URL can be also the full path of a file from local file system.

Return Value

Type: Byte
An array of bytes containing the binary representation of the PDF document.
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