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PdfConverterGetPdfBytesFromHtmlStream Method (Stream, Encoding, String, String)

Converts the HTML string read from the specified HTML stream to PDF and returns the rendered PDF document as an array of bytes.

Namespace:  ExpertPdf.HtmlToPdf
Assembly:  ephtmltopdf (in ephtmltopdf.dll) Version: 17.0.0
public byte[] GetPdfBytesFromHtmlStream(
	Stream htmlStream,
	Encoding streamEncoding,
	string urlBase,
	string internalLinksDocUrl


Type: System.IOStream
The HTML stream containing the HTML string to be converted to PDF.
Type: System.TextEncoding
The encoding of the string read from the HTML stream.
Type: SystemString
The urlBase parameter allows the converter to determine the full URLs from relative URLs for images and CSS files appearing in the HTML stream.
Type: SystemString
The full URL of the document referenced by the internal links from the HTML stream.

Return Value

Type: Byte
An array of bytes containing the binary representation of the PDF document.
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