Expert PDF Merge Library
AppendPDFFile Method (pdfFileFullPath, startIndex)
NamespacesExpertPdf.MergePdfPDFMergeAppendPDFFile(String, Int32)
Expert PDF Merge Library
Appends pages from the specified source document starting from zero based page index in the source document.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public void AppendPDFFile(
	string pdfFileFullPath,
	int startIndex
Public Sub AppendPDFFile ( _
	pdfFileFullPath As String, _
	startIndex As Integer _
void AppendPDFFile(
	String^ pdfFileFullPath, 
	int startIndex
pdfFileFullPath (String)
The full path of the document to be appended
startIndex (Int32)
The zero based index of the page from the source document from where to start appending pages

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